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First and foremost, this site is vehemently NOT against Scotland – it is pro ALL the peoples of the United Kingdom (UK).

Originally this site was created to offer the viewpoint of the remainder of the UK should Scotland have decided to be independent from the (UK) in the referendum on Thursday 18th September 2014 – see about us.

We now know that Scotland not only decided to remain in the UK but overwhelmingly voted and endorsed the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the 2015 General Election.

As we have said before, the Union Treaty of 1707 has no provision in it for Scotland leaving the UK and feel if such an arrangement were prepared today, an exit strategy would be put in place.

It is the purpose of this site to encourage the powers that be to sit round a table and discuss and agree addenda to the Union Treaty of 1707 for Scotland’s exit should Scotland decide to leave at any point in the future.

We are not for or against Scotland leaving the UK, it’s just that this needs to be addressed by all political parties – we pay them their salaries after all!

As at 9th May 2015, the political map is now ideal to discuss this.

So, it matters not where you come from in the UK – all we ask is that you support an open and fair dialogue which would negate any potential chaos and hostility that might have occurred if Scotland had voted for independence in the 2014 referendum.

We feel that we deserve better from our politicians so it doesn’t matter what your political persuasion is, please pass this message on to them.

Finally, we would like to emphasise that we hold no political bias and wish all the people of these isles well.

After all, in the whole of the universe, we only have 60 miles of atmosphere surrounding us to live in!

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